What about me?


I’m at the age that apparently I reflect on life, want to write it down and share it with those who are interested or not! I’m an ’85 baby, so grew up with the quality cheese of the 90’s and naughties. Had the usual (maybe not so much these days) childhood of school, college and uni with a couple of gap years to ‘discover myself’ (well just take time out to play, really!). Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary really, a ‘goody two shoes’ if you like. Maybe now I want to get out and expand my life experiences, did I miss out? I don’t think so, but I just want to see more, do more and have a laugh.

If you hadn’t guessed, I love life on 2 wheels! It’s become my world. Who knew, I certainly didn’t. Growing up, I left the biking to my brothers and showed no interest in them at all. I  did and still do love the outdoors even if I struggle with the chilly days it beats being stuck indoors for hours on end! It’s through my love of playing in the beautiful UK countryside, from the New Forest where I grew up to the stunning and dramatic landscapes of the Lake District and Scotland that I seemed to plot a path into the Outdoor industry and those 26″ wheels crept into my life! Ever since I’ve not looked back and bikes have just got more and more key to my life, which is awesome, if a little expensive!

Random facts time…

  • I’m partial to a few brews in the day, who’s counting
  • A Vegetebalarian – It’s all about the veggie and pasta!
  • Not a girly girl (a tom boy if you want to label stuff)
  • Love animals, particularly the furry four legged friend kinds
  • Home owner, BOOM!
  • Partial to a Cider on a summers day, testing the Vino currently, going down well!
  • I’ve sky dived, bungee jumped, been for an elephant ride and played with tiger cubs
  • Bit of an Apple fan, they’re just so pretty, but SO EXPENSIVE!

Getting with the times

You can find me on Twitter  that I have recently entered the world of under the name ‘tea_and_sally’. Yeah, I love tea a lot, it get’s you up in the morning, is amazing post ride, warms you up and is great with cake, nuff said! I work currently for Leisure Lakes Bikes in the Newport store, so if you’re in the area, pop in and say hello!

mmm pint of tea!

That’ll do, cheers for having a nose.


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