2016 Women’s Endura FS260 Pro Bibshorts DS

Now and then I treat myself to some new kit and this was one of the latest. I bought these as a back up for the Andalucia Bike Race as a just in case the Canyon kit didn’t work out (it did) so never wore them! Since I’ve been back however, I have donned these highly practical, comfortable ‘power performance road kit‘ bib shorts and have loved them. These retail at £74.99 and I would say for the quality, details and features this is worth it, even if you are not an elite race (which I am not). Some things it’s worth paying the extra to enhance your riding experience.


It’s all in the details taken from Endura (no point in trying to better the manufacturer!)

  •  Performance supportive stretch fabric with durable exterior and fast wicking inner
  •  Women’s 600-Series antibacterial stretch pad 
  •  Unique drop-seat (DS) zipped construction on thighs that allows access for comfort breaks on the move 
  •  Light-weight mesh upper bibs with high-cut back which leads straps down the side of the torso for maximum comfort on the female form 
  •  Selectively flatlocked seams for comfort
  •  Broad silicone hem gripper prevents unsightly over-compression on thigh 
  •  Lycra bound armholes
  •  Reflective thigh logos 
  •  UPF 50+

The Fit

It’s definitely wise to pop to your local bike shop to try them on as the fit mainly due to the drop seat zip is a little snug around the hips. I am typically a size 8 or small in most clothing, but I went for the Medium in these after trying both on. The zip doesn’t stretch when putting them on so was a bit of a wrestle to get the small on. The small is also for a shorter person. I’m 170cm (5ft 6″) made them a little too short and tight on the thigh as well as shorter on the upper arm straps. The medium is a nice fit, it’s still snug as road fit clothing is, but is very comfortable all round.

The design features that stood out to little old me!

I’m a new convert to bibs, but these are the best of the bunch. I’ve got Specialized Therminal SL Expert Winter Bibtights, Santini Ladies Clio Gel Pad Bib Shorts and Canyon Road bib short (unisex) and these top the lot!

Namely because of these few features:

  • Quality of the pad – a key element to any biking kit with long hours in the saddle combined with the right saddle this was like a cushion, now that is good!
  • The DS Zip – What a genius idea! If you’re like me, you always need to go just before you set off when you are fully kitted out! This removes the issue of stripping off in the toilet, whilst doing the ‘wee dance’ (we’ve all done it!) and then faffing to get it all back on just as it was! It’s just a quick zip and you’re done, phew!!!
  • The silicone gripper on the thighs – I have been riding a bit more lately and I do believe my thighs have got a little bigger (struggle to fit into the slimmer jeans!), so it was pleasing to feel these weren’t too tight, leaving no imprint or line in my legs, but looking sleek. They are still a little short for my liking, but that’s an issue with the majority of ladies shorts, apparently we need to show off our legs (I’m not a fan!).

Conclusion – keeping it short and sweet!

A fantastic summer bib,short for the pro, casual sportive ride or even for the mountain biker who appreciates a taste of comfort without interfering with the cool baggies kit! However the fit is body hugging and the larger lady like a lot of cycling clothing may not get into them as they only go from XS-XL (8-18) especially if you have to go up a size to you normal dress fit. Having done a couple hundred miles in them already I know the fit is ace, the zip isn’t noticeable and they don’t leave you with that cold spot on your mid-drift. They also have 3/4’s and different pad widths to fit your natural body shape. In my eyes this is a winner and so do many other mags and riders. Head to Endura’s website for all the info and kit that matches into it here.



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