Bike and Kit reviews – Sally style!

Over the last few years I have been either spending too much of my hard earned cash on kit and bikes or being treated through various ventures to more goodies. Now I’m not one who loves the geeky tech talk or in fact attempt to pretend I know half of what it means, so my reviews will not go hard on the tech, but maybe more subjective. You can look up the details, they are printed everywhere or I may link to manufacturer or best review I’ve found! I also don’t like long reviews, so these will be short and sweet. If you’re like me you scroll to the bottom and read the conclusion and move on, this will just be a conclusion!

Love this quote – the weather is never wrong!!!

Everything that I write will come from first hand experience, I’ve worn it (so a lot more women kit) or I’ve pedalled it. I won’t be thieving off other reviews to give something a good review. Nope, that’s not my style, if it’s shocking then I won’t hold back, but if it’s cracking then I will say so. What is the point of lying I have no company to be influenced by, no brands to keep happy, so anything goes! Plus no one is paying me to say this, so freedom of speech is in full swing! This is why at times I can sneak in cracking pictures like this…

Biking and Star Wars, boom!

There is so much to choose from on the market these days and so many fantastic new designs, ranges and technology that it’s so hard to keep up with it. The world of biking never sleeps! I’m content in my little world, getting to grips with what is affordable for me and exploring new avenues and brands as and when. Of course I would love to check a load more stuff out, but unless a sweet gig lands in my lap it will just be on the mini adventures and what my bank balance will allow! Apparently biking is not a cheap hobby to get really into, who knew!!!





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