30 Years down, let the adventures continue…

Hello, Guten tag, Hej, Bonjour and Ahola,

(Let’s get the introductions  out of the way, don’t be fooled I’m not a linguist by any stretch of the imagination!) 


So a little intro into the world of Sally. Firstly I’m not a fan of summing myself up, but here goes nothing. I’m a single lass, not really a girly girl, who is getting older each year (so frustrating) and currently just passed the big three O as I type this. I’m blessed to have two loving parents and three ace older brothers and now many nieces and nephews who keep me entertained – hype them up and hand them back, it’s great to be an aunty!

I grew up in the lovely yet quite flat New Forest in the South of England, where I remained until moving hundreds of miles up North for Uni in the Lake District –  a complete contrast, there were mountains and everything! Outdoor Leadership was the official title, but I nick named it playing for three years with a few essays chucked in along the way to hit the grades. This is where the love of biking truly began and the adventures started!


My life, in all honesty has been an easy ride, no real drama! From uni it flowed nicely into an outdoor instructor role at an outdoor centre up in the Scottish Borders where I dabbled in a variety of adventure sports, discovering that I’m really not a fan of water sports, struggle with the cold and dry land is where I’m meant remain. This all kept me going back to the fact that cycling is perfect for me. You stay warm if you’re moving, very low risk of drowning as typically you’re on land and it is a great way to explore the lush lands and get fit while your having fun, love it!

Moving up to the here and now. I have bought my first house, in sunny (ahem) South Wales. In 2013 I jumped into the world of retail at Leisure Lakes Bikes. An unexpected turn of an events as I haven’t really got the logical background for it, but hey I’m still there, so it must be working for myself and the shop! From spending all my days outdoors leading groups on mountain bike trails to now being inside all day selling bikes is completely different and a massive learning curve, but a good one. The plus side is all my spare time I can be riding my bicycles, oh yeah.

That’ll do for now, you don’t need much of a back story to start creating a picture of someone and really this is not about me, but about the bikes, the races, the kit and the adventures that seems to be getting bigger and better as I get older. I shall just leave you with a few facts for those who get blurry eyes as they see many words and scroll down for a conclusion!


  • Me: Sally, 30, living the single life and driving a van to get to my next adventure
  • Three word sum up: Chilled, excitable and adventurous
  • Location: Newport, South Wales originally Hampshire
  • Absolutely love: Riding my Bicycles, Mug of Tea, Furry Cute animals esp dogs, vast range of music and films
  • Completely loath: Meat & fish (yup, I’m a veggie), Coffee, Beer and getting ill (but I’m sure that’s common for everyone!)

That’s me in a nutshell, let’s move onto the interesting stuff – adventures, bikes, kit and much more.

***This may be more to keep me sane and forget less,

but if it evolves into something more then that’s an added bonus!***








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