MADAX – ‘Mean And Dirty All-terrain Cross’ 60km biking event

Mad Events - does what it says on the time - Mean and Dirty, full of mud and a whole heap of pedalling in the sunshine


Lanzarote 4 day MTB Stage Race 2018

Lanzarote 4 Day MTB Stage Race, it's fast, it's furious yet accessible for all and a nice week in the sunshine, but oh that wind!!!

The Lead Up: Lanzarote 4 Day Stage Race

The Lanzarote 4 day stage race is just around the corner, but what have I been up to in preparation for this? Training is a word that gets flung around a lot, it's a very personal thing and I may not be taking it too seriously...

What to Wear, such a dilemma

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing".                         A. Wainwright   The Great British weather keeps us on our toes all year round, cold spells, down pours, heat waves, what will tomorrow hold, who knows?!? For the seasoned rider you will have a wardrobe of... Continue Reading →

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